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Easy flow, one goal: reach the clinical findings

End-to-end tool, from the sequencing raw file to the variant report

Varstation is a cloud-based solution for computational processing and clinical support for Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) genetic tests, providing a customizable, centralized, safe and clinically validated environment.

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Sequencer-independent upload

Files from any DNA sequencing platform in any format (.fastq, .bam, and .vcf) are processed and generate results in Varstation.

End-to-end and automated processing

Evaluation of quality parameters, mapping, multiple variant callers, database annotation and automatic pre-classification according to ACMG and AMP guidelines.

Support for clinical interpretation

More than 200 genetic mutations databases are incorporated, including data for germline, somatic and structural variants (CNV and Fusion).

Robust filters

Filtering engine based on all annotated mutation data, including human phenotypes, the patient's clinical history and diseases (OMIM / UniProt).

Clear and structured results

Relevant clinical information to support the medical report, such as patient, variants and therapies info. We provide a Datavis feature to share results with partners.

Better and more accurate results at each analysis

Build your organization's database and speed up the identification of recurrent mutations

Variants and artifacts database

Curate classifications and record variants and artifacts in your organization's database.

Coverage of true variants

Future analyses take advantage of artifacts detection in previous analyses, improving true variant classification.

Reduction of variants of uncertain significance (VUS)

We offer actionable information to add significance to VUS variants, increasing the assertiveness of future results.

Traceability of patients and variants

Track the reclassification history and rapidly retrieve patients impacted by these changes.

We offer a solid bioinformatics foundation for laboratories that want to start or scale their capacity to perform genetic testing.

We support your decision by offering:

Automatic pre-classifications for germline and somatic variants

Customizable gene panels and pipelines, according to your exam

Availability of multiple analyzes for each exam, according to good practices

End-to-end workflow, from mapping to the clinical findings report

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Varstation fosters the growth of personalized medicine, enabling professionals, laboratories, hospitals and research centers to manage complex genetic data and provide accurate results for diagnosis and treatment.

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